The Foundation for Holistic Medical Research (FMHR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit medical research foundation established March 1993. Its focus is on enhancing human health, longevity and achieving the highest purpose of human life through scientific research. We are realizing these aims by conducting both original basic laboratory and, where appropriate, clinical research.FHMR has established worldwide collaborations with leading laboratories and academic institutions throughout the world.

We believe that by increasing our fundamental scientific understanding of what truly is a human being and what does human health truly mean, we can move not only toward a new model of wellness but also toward an understanding of full human potential.

Why FHMR Research is Important

It’s impossible to imagine a world without our modern healthcare system with its ever-expanding range of CAT scans, MRI’s, antibiotics, medications, radiation therapies, robotic surgery, and all its other tools. Though certainly not without problems of sometimes adverse side effects, conventional medicine has achieved gigantic leaps in rescuing humanity from potentially lethal diseases and preserving life. Read More

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