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The Effect of Comprehensive Traditional Panchakarma Therapy on the Toxic Metabolome in Healthy Individuals code : PKMTB

Brief Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda is the holistic system of health care developed in ancient India over 3000 years

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Comparative Metabolomics Approach for Validation and Mechanism of Action of the Anti-inflammatory Bioactivity of Guggulu [ Commiphora mukul (Hook ex Stocks) Engl . ] code : GUGMOA

What is Guggulu? Guggulu, the resinous gum exudate from a small tree with short, thorny branches known as Commiphora mukul (Hook

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Anticancer Activity of Ashwagandha Leaf Water Extract: Identification of the Epigenetic Mechanism of Action code : ASHCAN

Introduction The literal meaning of the term epigenetic is “close to, on top of, outside of, or in addition to

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