Board Members

Graeme Andersen, Ph.D. studied biochemistry at the University of Prague and received his Masters degree in 1966 (cum laude) and his PhD in 1970 from the same institution. He did his postdoctoral training at the Lincoln Institute, where he studied the role of enteroviruses in causing disease in mice. Since that time he has explored proviral insertional mutagenesis as a means to identify new oncogenes. In 1997 he was appointed as senior scientist at the Prague Cancer Institute and in 1999 he became head of the Division of Molecular Genetics of the Institute. Here his group did pioneering work to generate and utilize genetically modified mice as a tool to search for new cancer genes. Currently, his group focuses on the development and use of advanced metabolomic methods for researching brain cancer. and high throughput technologies to identify components in signaling pathways relevant for cancer. His group consists of eight members including 3 technicians. He joined the Scientific Advisory Board of FHMR in 2014.